Your NYCH in Life

A system to find and fulfill your life purpose faster.

No Regrets

It’s absolutely fascinating to watch what happens when people figure out why they were put on the planet. They have more energy than they’ve ever had. They operate with more confidence and clarity. They are more focused, more driven, and more effective—on and off the job. Boldness shoots out of them like never before and perhaps most apparent of all, they are really happy. They actually do those things you hear people near the end of their lives say they wish they’d done. They live life with no regrets, and they inspire us.
The world needs more of these people.

Wasted Time

Most approaches to finding & fulfilling one’s life purpose seem well intentioned but rather unfocused—as in, “just keep trying until you get it”. It can work, but it seems to take a lot more time and effort than is necessary.
In my research I’ve found several resources that had excellent guidance but only covered a piece of the whole picture (without giving you the whole picture). Never did I come across a complete “system” deliberately designed to help guide people through the entire process so they can get on with the business of making their unique, meaningful contribution with this brief and precious life they’ve been given.
So I built one.

The NYCH™ System

Your life purpose is called many things–your mission, your calling, your passion, etc. I call it your NYCH–an acronym containing the 4 critical elements that point to why you were put on the planet:
Natural Gifts
What you’re good at doing
What drives you to keep doing
What’s right for you to do
Human Needs
What others need you to do
The purpose of the NYCH system is to
help you find and fulfill your life purpose
much more quickly than you could without it.

Get Started On Your Own

Chances are you’ve started the process of discovering your purpose already, so the following PDF will help you start applying the NYCH system to minimize wasted effort and save you precious time.
If you come to realize you could use some help along the way, give me a call.

Finding Your Life Purpose

How to get started with the NYCH™ System