Reversing the Hiring Process

When I was laid off in June 2010 I learned that being good at your job had little to do with being good at getting a job. It was my first experience as a job seeker, and up to then every job I had led to the next one. I guess I just assumed it would continue that way. Until it didn’t.

I Thought I Had More Options

I started my job search with what I “knew” (thought) worked best–networking! I let all my friends know I was looking for work and waited to see what would happen (hey, I told you it was my first time). Since that didn’t work I turned to the only other thing I knew to do: hit the job boards.

If you’ve never used the job boards to find work when you’re out of work, let me sum it up:

  • Endless searching, endless applications, endless hoping and praying
  • No interviews, no phone calls, no feedback

“Seriously, couldn’t they at least have the courtesy to give me a no?” It felt like the world was giving me the silent treatment.

“If I could just find the right keywords to use in my resume, I’d stand out.” Or, “maybe it’s the cover letter.” And so I tweaked. And completely rewrote. And searched and applied and hoped some more.

“I’m trying as hard as I can. It’s just a matter of time before they find me…right?”

Definition of Insanity

I was about 3 months into that nonsense when I came across the rather audacious concept that you simply don’t have to play by those rules. You actually have more options. It’s possible to flip this hiring process on its head…and yes, still get hired.

  • You don’t need to cast your resume far and wide
  • You don’t need to fill out hundreds of applications
  • You don’t need to get “in” with recruiters
  • You don’t need to have an obnoxiously large network

You already have the right skills to find your next job. The traditional hiring process just doesn’t let you use them.

You’re already using the right tools to find your next job. You’re just not using them properly.

You just need a new approach.

Warning: This could get you hired.

Below is a highly focused job search strategy designed specifically to help you find and fulfill Your NYCH in Life™. It can help you create opportunities, not just compete for them. It bypasses the traditional recruiting process and allows you to meet with the hiring manager before you hit the apply button.

  • Unconventional? Yep.
  • Intimidating? Can be at first, kinda like the first day of school was.
  • Effective? You be the judge. Take it for a spin & share your experience.
  • Expensive? You pay with your initiative, not your money. I’ve made it free. You make it priceless.

Reversing the Hiring Process

How to Start with the Decision Maker

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