Module 7. Building Influence Without Authority

Your influence is completely driven by your behavior with others. No behavior change, no influence change. This module is about finding gaps in your influence with others then building a solid action plan for closing the gaps by building new and better habits.


  • Complete the credibility self-assessment based on the book The Speed of Trust. What would enhance your personal level of credibility and relationships--on or off the job?
  • Read the article How to Build a New Habit and make note of what you should pay attention to as you build an action plan for behavior change.
  • Prepare a report-out. Convert your insights from these resources into a personal “Influence Without Authority” action plan that would be realistic for you to complete in 4-8 weeks. Be tactical and specific, and try to have something planned for each week. Put stuff on your calendar to help make it happen.


  • Review the discussion and Q&A (1 hr) with others who completed this module.
  • Drop a comment in the box below, such as what you liked most about this module, or a question that wasn't covered in the video.

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