Module 1. Taking Control of Your Career

When I created a long-range career plan, it turned out to be one of the single best things I ever did professionally. This module will give you a jump start on yours.


  • Review my Career Development Plan, making note of the elements that you feel would benefit you if you defined them better for yourself. Note: there's no “right” structure for one’s career development plan, and you might find mine ridiculously overwhelming. That’s fine. This was actually years in the making; the first version was not nearly as thorough as this version. I have only provided it here as an example for you to reflect on.


  • Create (or enhance) your own Career Development Plan. Just focus on the 1-2 sections you feel would benefit you most.
  • Prepare 1-2 questions about career development that you’d love to know the answer to.
  • Optional: if you would like more clarity and confidence about your unique purpose in life, review this page and the activities you'll find in the PDF.


  • Review the discussion and Q&A (45 min) with others who completed this module.
  • Comment below on what you liked most about this module or a question that wasn't covered in the video.

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1. Taking Control of Your Career
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